• In products being multifunctional

  • That haircare is all-gender

  • In the value of self expression

Jeff's Story

Working as a hairstylist for over two decades, owning a salon in NYC, and founding two 3 separate hair and grooming product lines, Jeff Chastain has become the most sought after expert when it comes to  Innovation in the hair industry.

Being a serial inventor, Jeff has already launched many viral products you have seen all over the internet such as the first-ever heated styling tool for men, the Kuschelbar Hair and Beard Straightener

After the massive success of the Kuschelbar, Jeff followed up with a modernized hair crimper, the NūWaver waving iron, to bring natural looking mermaid hair to the streets.

And now Jeff has the wildest, most fun invention to date! Inspired by a waffle iron with a cartoon face on the grill, Jeff thought, “Why can’t I do this to hair?”

And so he did.. the POP!RON was born. 

What will Jeff think of next? Stay tuned.

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