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3D Hair, Don't Care

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About this item

★ 3D hair imprinting iron to add fun shapes to your hair with ease

★ 5 different plates including 3 designs (star, lightening bolt, heart), crimping plates, and flat iron plates

★ 3 temperature settings to work on a range of hair textures and thickness

★ Heat protectant glove for safer use

How To Use

★ Remove POPIRON labeled covers to change design plates, then slide covers back on to secure

★ Press power button to select your desired temperature, then wait until power light goes from flashing to still

★ Use heat resistant glove to hold the base of the device

★ Grab a section of completely dried hair that is about 1/2" thick and 3" wide for clearest design

★ Hold iron on hair for 5 seconds

★ Finish with hairspray to hold in place and a decorative clip to keep it locked in all day

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